2022 aafoa awards

Ken Toler Ironman Award

Ladarius Kizzie

Ricardo Jacobs 2023 Referee of the Year

Referee of the Year​​​​

Ricardo Jacobs

Umpire of the Year​​​​

Matthew White

Michael Mainor 2023 Head Linejudge of the Year

Head Line Judge of the Year

Michael Mainor

Christopher Guyton 2023 Linejudge of the Year

Line Judge of the Year

Christopher Guyton

Kory Jones 2023 Field Judge of the Year

Field Judge of the Year

Kory Jones

Anthony Copeland 2023 Side Judge of the Year

Side Judge of the Year

Anthony Copeland

EY Coley Rookie of the Year

Ron Baker & Gregory Turner

David Hudson Rising Star Award

Robert Childers

Richard Rice 2023 Official of the Year

Jim Griffith Official of the Year

Richard Rice